We love Gin & Tonic and reggae, symbols of freedom and liberty, as that´s where everything started.


Our passion and intereset to find the ideal combination of herbs and spices for RASTAMAN, has lead us to fill our 500 ml laboratory apparature more than a 100 times. Gin was born in a 2000 liters copper steam-boiler, placed on a 5 day  infusion of armenian juniper, lime peels, grapefruit, seville orange, lemon, seeds of anjelica, coriander, licorice and iris roots. We then leave the new born spirit to redintegrate in stainless steel tank for 6 months. RASTAMAN manufactury is worldwide unique , thanks to the use of  traditional manufactury of our country’s  juniper spirit and a technique proven over centuries in producing London Gin.


Now we would like to proudly introduce you the RASTAMAN LONDON DRY GIN, the best gin for your G&T.


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Gin & Tonic was created in 19th century by british eastern-indian army soliders to popularize the use of chinin, as a prevention from malaria. Combination of Gin, sugar and lemon juice created a delicious and refreshing drink, which is popoluar in Europe and Great Britain in summer time and whole year round in the Carribean.


In a 30 cl minimum glass filled with ice add thin slices of different citruses and pour




2 cl Fresh lemon juice


15 cl Tonic (Schweppes, Fever Tree or Indi are highly recommended)


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